Do you constantly feel bloated, suffer from tummy aches, or have a poorly digestion? Do you often have sugar cravings? Do you have frequent headaches or even migraines? DO you often feel exhausted, burned out, but still have problems to fall asleep? In case some of the above mentioned symptoms sound familiar to you, you most likely suffer from gut inflammation. The good news is that the gut can be healed with a diet targeting the root issues. With Healing Eating losing weight comes easily to you, you won’t have sugar cravings anymore, feel energized and balanced! With signing up for this program you have the possibility you change everything! 3 weeks Workshop to cleanse and to start off  healing your gut for $130 (payment by installments possible). Goals: * 3-10 POUNDS WEIGHT LOSS * INCREASED ENERGY AND INNER BALANCE * MUCH BETTER DIGESTION AND DECREASED INFLAMMATION OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM AND JOINTS * REDUCED BLOATING * BETTER SLEEP * MUCH LESS SUGAR CRAVINGS * Sign up here with the subject “Healing Eating”. I can’t wait to start this journey with you!


Do you constantly find yourself in the same eating patterns? Without even thinking you eat whatever comes in your way because you’re stressed, tired, angry, sad, or bored? You open the fridge door every single time you pass the fridge although you’re not even hungry? At work you snack with your colleagues although you’re not even hungry? All these behaviors don’t result in a healthy, ideal body and weight! I’m here to help you to break these patterns! We will work together on your personal circumstances. We will find out about your individual root issues and start to address,  and also to overcome them! 3 weeks Workshop to create new behaviors for $130 (payment by installments possible). Goals: * 1-6 POUNDS WEIGHT LOSS * NOTICEABLE GAIN OF INNER BALANCE * INCREASED SELF CONFIDENCE * INCREASED SELF WORTH * BETTER SLEEP * NO SUGAR CRAVINGS ANYMORE * Sign up here with the subject “No need to eat”. I can’t wait to start this journey with you!


We all have a stressful and busy life. In addition we have to fulfill our different roles as spouse, friend, mother, helper, listener, and often cook and cleaner (oh yes;)). There’s almost no time left to reach your goals.  Do you even have some? So often we are busy with our daily life’s that we do not even know anymore what we want. BUT: Goals and dreams are necessary to achieve happiness and balance.  Goals give us direction and fulfillment. They guide us when we feel overwhelmed or lost. Your goals could be small like increasing your workouts, eating healthier, making time for self care. Your goals could be personal like learning to say no, becoming more self confident, starting a new hobby, learning to meditate, or writing a book or blog. Your goals could be professional like starting your own business, working abroad, continuing education and so on. I promise with the proper strategy you can achieve all your goals! We will work on your personal/professional goals, track down weaknesses, and overcome them. An individual, clear and easily to follow guide will help to achieve your goals. 3 weeks Workshop to achieve your goals for $130 (payment by installments possible). Goals: * GOAL-MAKING * MOTIVATION * EXCITEMENT * GOAL-ACHIEVEMENT OR AT LEAST NEW ROUTINE ESTABLISHMENT * GETTING TO KNOW ABOUT A STRATEGY WHICH IS APPLICABLE TO ALL GOAL SETTINGS * Sign up here with the subject “Create your happiness”. I can’t wait to start this journey with you!


We have constantly responsibilities, obligations, and expectations. This makes it difficult to stay centered and to live fully in the present moment. Additionally we often put ourselves under a lot of pressure as we are (mostly unconsciously) harassed by perfectionism. We have to fulfill so many roles. It’s not surprising that we feel overwhelmed and can’t no longer see the wood for the trees. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you think (too) much about everything? Do you often question yourself and your actions? Do you have to deal with negative emotions like rejection, hurt, anger, worry, or anxiety? All this makes life exhausting. If small dissatisfaction doesn’t get solved, then it will lead to major problems.  BUT if you learn to recognize and classify your feelings and also learn strategies to manage your daily life easier, you can break out of this negative spiral. Just imagine a life without overthinking. You’d wake up totally energized and  excited every day. What a feeling of freedom! We will work on your personal emotions and problems. Thereby we will track down your weaknesses and change your thinking patterns. 3 weeks Workshop to increase your life quality for $130 (payment by installments possible). Goals: * BETTER SELF KNOWLEDGE * MOTIVATION * EXCITEMENT * IDENTIFY EMOTION * INNER BALANCE * RESTRUCTURING OF YOUR THINKING AND ACTION PATTERNS * INCREASED SELF CONFIDENCE * INCREASED SELF WORTH * INCREASED LIFE QUALITY * Sign up here with the subject “ Unstuck yourself”. I can’t wait to start this journey with you!


If you are a small business owner, or if you’d like to work with a small group in your community, then I would be more than happy to share my curriculum and lesson plan(s) with you to see if one or a combination of the workshops are a good fit. I’d love an opportunity to bring the transformation to you!  Also, if you are interested in joining a seminar, please check my main page for any locations/dates. Either way, for more information or sign up click here and use in the subject line “IN-PERSON SEMINAR”. I can’t wait to start this journey with you or your group! I promise, EVERYONE will profit from it!

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(Please note: Nadine Morrison Coaching does not make any claims on prospective remedy of any medical conditions, diagnosed or undiagnosed. Please consult a physician if you have specific medical questions or concerns about participating in any wellness program.)